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Unicorns are amazing

This week we are going to start a discussion on the life of a Unicorn, now we receive a lot of questions about Unicorn’s and how to find them, what they like etc.

Obviously as part of a couple we didn’t feel comfortable addressing this subject without doing some research, so I apologies in the delay in discussing this topic , however we recently reached out to the group and where encouraged by the response from our beautiful Unicorns within the group, as a result we will try discuss a few things in order to hopefully help you to find better ways to connect along with help these beautiful members and hopefully make the whole experience a bit better for all parties.

I would like to sincerely thank all those members that reached out, you are awesome!

Firstly, it’s a common thought that the unicorn are a mystical creature that is unobtainable and barely exist , the fact is there are plenty of unicorns in the lifestyle and whilst the numbers will never match the ratios of single men or couples they do in fact exist and often join our groups and community’s but are reluctant to do a introduction or engage in posts as the automatic response is a barrage of pointless messages, sad attempts at communicating , unwanted friends requests or the dreaded unwanted pictures.

So we asked our amazing unicorns what are some things that hold you back in this lifestyle? And not surprisingly a lot of the same issues where raised, we wont discuss each issue within this chat but look to provide you with some more insight for some reflection, as always please feel free to discuss in comments.

· Couples treating unicorns as unpaid sex workers. Often couples approach unicorns with the mentality of playing out their own sexual fantasy, and whilst this is apart of the lifestyle as we all generally have fantasy’s we want to play out, it needs to be said, they are not there to solely service you and your desires, put in some effort and treat the unicorn with upmost respect, make sure you are communicating and finding out what they are here for and make sure their needs and fantasy’s are being looked after, if you want someone to play out a once off fantasy , head to your local brothel and pay for it, don’t treat unicorns as your right to make your own dreams come true.

· Disrespectful or pushy individuals or couples will never get anywhere, unfortunately often it comes from the male of the group, and this is why a lot of unicorns prefer for discussions to come from the female, but showing respect is a massive part of our LS and often testosterone can overshadow that.

· A lack of understanding that women in particular need sensual play which is not limited only during foreplay, skin to skin contact, cuddles, kisses, using a unicorn just to satisfy the couple is not ok, give them love, show them affection take her on dates, have non play meet ups.

· In a world where one off encounter are easy to come by for a unicorn, ongoing relationships and connections are going to be given preference over the fantasy fulfilling one night stand.

· Negative feedback or comments, without realising it some people show no respect and often say things directed towards unicorns in a negative manner because they are having difficulties finding one, often this comes back to their total lack of effort, but comments before, during and after an experience can have lasting effects so be kind.

· People that jump on comments and posts from unicorns, if they are interested in you, they will find your introduction or a photo and comment on your information.

We will dive deeper into the world of unicorns and explore more about what it means to be in the lifestyle, we hope this is a good start and if you are seriously wanting to find a unicorn you sit up and take notice, we also want to highlight that whilst there are a lot of unicorns out there it can often be a lonely LS especially after the encounter so reach out , take care, show aftercare and support each other, this isn’t limited to unicorns obviously, we all have to make a effort to check in on anyone we know in the lifestyle and be more present with ourselves as it can be a challenging and draining way to live, but it can also be beautiful and full of many great memories and even better friends.

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