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The Clique

Let’s crack into it, this week we wanted to take a look into a topic we see raised or mentioned on a frequent basis, and that is the “clique”

We often see posts or comments especially when it comes to post about clubs that some find different venues are cliquey , we thought we would take a look at this and see if it’s the case.

Well put simply YES clubs can appear to have different groups of people that seem to interact more with each other than “outsiders” so does this make the club less desirable? For some people they base their enjoyment on if they felt welcome and included and will often tell people it wasn’t for them as it was cliquey but is expecting to be invited in or made to feel at ease really a logical expectation?

When it comes to lifestyle venues it’s amazing that it is often a thought that everyone is going to be welcoming and there to make sure you are engaging and having a good time, now this is obviously not the case as we operate in the real world, there are often groups that appear more cliquey but why? Well to be honest most of these groups have formed at the venue , most of the time these people didn’t know each other before attending the venue but overtime they formed a social network this is a natural part of our society and happens everywhere, this however dosnt mean all groups are shut of and invite only so what can you do to try build your own social network so you become more comfortable, confident and enjoy your night?

Well we believe it starts with a HELLO, sounds basic but simply introducing yourself to various people at a club will often lead to you connecting with others, eventually finding some regulars that you will likely find and build connections with, sitting in the corner or cutting laps probably won’t increase connections, learning how to make conversation and be respectful goes a long way, a conversation is often a great start especially with the rise in social/progressive swingers.

However not all requests will lead to new friendships, just like taking things to the next step you will face rejection and those not interested, that dosnt mean everyone will feel the same, simply put your next foot forward and move on.

Expecting clubs to be a welcoming environment that sees you feeling comfortable and immediately at ease is probably not going to happen, likewise expecting the staff or management to make sure that you are made to feel comfortable amongst patrons is not reasonable, management or staff are not going to introduce you to everyone and connect you, go out to a nightclub, pub or another public area you are not going to have people hold your hand and introduce you to everyone so don5 expect that from a club.

If that is a more desirable situation you may feel more comfortable attending a Meet N Greet or private parties as there is often a greater emphasis on connecting people, some organisations like ours will hold met n greets followed by club visits to try get you involved with others in a relaxed environment before heading to the club, this maybe something to consider, also no play parties are a great opportunity to meet and expand your social networks.

Remember cliques exist it’s part of life, but they all start generally with people meeting for the first time so put yourself out there and you may find your own group you enjoy being apart of.

The more you put yourself out there the more possibilities you will have.

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