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Black Rings & Pineapples WTF ?

You may have heard for some reasons the swinging lifestyle is renowned for being associated with pineapples

This is correct, whilst the exact origins are not known along with the original meaning this sexy spiky little golden plant is our symbol, more specifically the upside down pineapple, This symbol has become extremely popular in the cruise lifestyle along with tales of the fruit being used in the olden days placed on the porch to signify a house party of naughty nature, my personal favourite is that as a pineapple grows the sugar drops to the bottom of the fruit, by switching it up and turning it upside down the sweet juices flow back to the top, whatever your tale it doesn’t really matter but remember there are just people out there that might like wearing pineapple apparel and not associated with the lifestyle.

Black ring on the right hand ..

This is a modestly new symbol for the lifestyle and was originally created by Cooper Beckett, the host of Life on the Swingset Podcast, this was created to enable social meets more easy , swingers have been encouraged to wear a black ring on the right hand (any finger) as a secret signal of our lifestyle., in Pub meets and public environments the symbol enables you to identify potential swingers, like always their may be just people that have black rings but the next occasion you spot a couple with matching black rings on their right hands say gday

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