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1 is a lonely number, or is it?

Today I wanted to look at the single digit in particular the single male, now before you get on your high horse and run for cover, we understand that the single male comes with a bit of a reputation, and as a result is not everyones cup of tea, but can a single male actually be decent?

Well the answer is a resounding YES in fact there are many decent guys out there, and often not too dissimilar to their unicorn counterparts , the decent single male often hides or takes a few steps back because of the stigma associated.

We like a lot of couples love inviting in a single male, it enhances our experience and is great for a variety of different dynamics, but it is often not as frequent as we would like and here’s why; * Finding a male that will but in effort beyond pics , nude requests, blunt statements like “your wife is hot , I wanna bang her” is quiet difficult * Forming connections can be difficult when like a bill at the gate the focus is on one thing * Finding a respectful individual can be quiet the challenge * Breaking the stigma of every swinger is DTF and has a open inbox * Dudes can be down right lazy and can’t keep a conversation going without some carrot being dangled

So how does a single male improve their chances and desirability; * communication- don’t request nudes unless the couple or SF has said would you like to see them, if your desperate for a , pic look up this thing called porn on the World Wide Web , fascinating stuff * Communicate with both members of the couple, whilst you won’t necessarily want to play with the male remember often he is the gatekeeper and will kick you to the curb * Dress to impress , there are 1000s of lads out there that majority don’t make an effort, dress to impress and this also includes taking care of your personal hygiene!!! * Don’t be fake- fake accounts pretending to be from a couple or female that are actually operated by a male will not get you any action, you might score a nude but will often raise suspicion before you get anywhere, don’t be fake. * Communicate what you are looking for , what do you hope to get out of the scenario * Show respect for the couple,as it’s a privilege to be invited in, not a right and there’s a 100 other guys trying to get to where you are so don’t blow it by being disrespectful * Show you can hold a conversation. * Look to go on a date , or casual meet up first to show you’re not a thirsty ninja. * Remember that decent males are hard to come by so if you put in the effort there may be opportunities for ongoing interaction. * Swingers talk , a bad experience will circle the scene quickly, equally a good single male can be highly sort after and will be highly recommend to future enthusiasts * Ask permission before you engage in any activity, remember just because a couple has said yes to sex , it doesn’t give you a green light to do whatever you want , you spank a girl without asking it is a quick ejection and you will be left with blue balls and a sore head.

Overall don’t be part of the stigma , be that 10% that turns up on time , doesn’t cancel last minute or is just down right acting like a starving dog looking for his last feed.

Single males can be a beautiful addition to any partnership, give the single lads a chance , brush away the dirt because if you find that little gem hiding in the rough it will likely be a great experience.

Single lads pay attention, ask questions, show you are something to be cherished and you will go on to have a beautiful experience.

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